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down by ten percentage points, president obama ahead on the economy, 6 in 10 voters, nearly 6 in 10, that is, said mitt romney's policies would favor the rich and mitt romney doesn't care about people like them. president obama's driving that message, going after mitt romney's predictions that he'll be tough on china saying that if you look at romney's record at bain capital, all that talk is fake. >> when you hear this newfound outrage, when you see these ads, these running problems seem to get tough on china, it seems a lot like that fox saying we need more secure chicken coops. i mean, it's just not credible. >> and larry, you can hear the confidence in president obama's voice because not only in ohio is he ahead, but in all of the major swing states president obama's got a lead right now. mitt romney's got to find a way to turn that around, turn it around in the debates, and maybe the tax cut issue that you're talking about will be one tool in that arsenal. back to you, larry. >> many thanks to john harwood. now for some reason on the trail today, mitt romney said he's going to
on president obama, he's been very accide independent from the start. obviously he should have stepped down, he should have resigned. i'm a person that does not believe in resignations, i think a president should be entitled to have his own people. but when you have eric holder and susan rice, two different situations both demanding accountability and i think both of them should resign, yes. >> i want to switch gears and come back to the main chance here, the issue is whether mr. romney, governor romney is going to inject foreign policy leadership into wednesday's debate. there's enormous speculation, some of it fueled by his op-ed piece in "the wall street journal" that blasted the president. i know the debate is about the economy, but it's also about leadership, do you reckon governor romney will put foreign policy into that debate. >> all this month you're going to have a contrast on the economy and foreign policy. what chairman o'ryan said is the unraveling of the obama foreign policy. the set backs, the killing in the middle east of an american ambassador. a break in our relationship with
this coalition and get ready for this and make everyone believe it. how do we do that if president obama does not sit down and meet with netanyahu after this dramatic speech? netanyahu lies out his position, he says mutually assured destruction doesn't work, he says economic sanctions are not working. how do you achieve the coalition that general clark is talking about if the two of those guys aren't sitting down? >> i think they're meeting through surrogates and netanyahu did say that there is coordination between the militaries. i'm hoping that it will be so clear and unambiguous that the iranians will finally get it and back down, but we have to be prepared for the alternative that they don't and we have to be prepared to pull the trirg because the only thing worse than attacking iran is let them have the bomb. >> we'll left it there. thank you very much, gentlemen. i appreciate it. coming up on kudlow, the market was up today despite some stalled economic signs that the u.s. still could be on the edge of a recession. i'll show you those signs. we will translate what it means for your port
. sound outrageous? don't think it couldn't happen here. they broke down president obama's latest quote unpatriotic unquote economic plan which they call a junk proposal grab bag of failed promises. just four points. trade and manufacturing jobs, sure. cut oil import and produce more green energy, sure. more teachers and expand student aid and beef up public unions, sure. cut the deficit and raise the tax rates on upper incomes of successful businesses, guess what it has not worked so far. if it was going to work, it would have already worked. so is this really obama's version of economic patriotism? let's talk. here's jimmy william and cnbc contributor of the american enterprise institute. what is so bloody patriotic about tax hikes, spending increases, regulatory increases and a lousy, worst economy since 1947? >> i'm worried what we will see in 2013 if the president wins is an economic patriot act. and part of it will be dramatically higher taxes on wealthier americans, entrepreneurs. anyone who thinks the end of the obama tax hikes are going to be raising it back to the clinton leve
to bash banks and that is as phony as a $3 bill. also a judge strikes down pennsylvania's voter id law and the obama administration is telling companies it is okay to disregard the law when it comes to handing out pink slips in advance to big budget cuts. all three happening before the election. mitt romney has finally put meat on the bones of his tax reform idea. he floated the idea of a $17,000 cap on tax reform reduction. >> you could say everyone is going to get up to a $17,000 deduction. you can fill that bucket if you will and higher income people might have a lower number. >> this is brand new stuff. we have howard dean former vermont governor and candidate. and let's look at this for a second. what do you think? a $17,000 cap on tax deductions for everybody as a way of being fair because the upper end would pay more. what do you think? >> i don't have a problem with the eidea of deductions. here you are. you guys are talking about the private sector all the time. so, i've been convinced because of the high rate of canadian home ownership, i'm not convinced of doing away with ch
, president obama today at the un blamed the famous video for the awful killings in libya and around the middle east. but he still talked about the video. three paragraphs worth. sir, down the we know already from our counter terrorism experts that the video was not a problem and these were terrorist acts and preplanned? haven't we established that as a fact? >> well, look, you know, i actually listened to his speech i thought he probably came down where he needed to be. he was forceful and the right to blast christianity. i thought this speech was strong. at the end of the day the jihadists have capitalized on these and other issues. it is threatening and troublesome. the situation in egypt and yemen and iran afghanistan and other places. it is troubling, you are right. >> i have some breaking news thank you sir for helping us as always. wells fargo, the latest major american bank to have this problem for the next ten days. a group called the cyber fighters say they planned to attack the wells fargo web today. >> all right we are going to go back to general mccaffery. i heard senato
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6